About Us

JVPAS works among the tribal people in Bilaspur and Korba districts of Chhattisgarh. Identifying the major issues of gender disparity and lack of education, we have been working with special focus on the women and other vulnerable communities. We have also been addressing issues related to health and environment conservation, and have been generating awareness for the same through campaigns and other development activities.

  • EYE


    Lack of access to basic facilities, unaffordability due to poverty and the subsequent denial of health services to the marginalised communities are rampant among the rural population of Chhattisgarh. JVPAS has proposed initiatives that serve patients suffering from vision related problems and other medical issues.

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    Forest Rights

    JVPAS supports the forest dependent communities by helping them claim their individual and community forest rights. The communities are mobilised into groups who are trained and educated about their forest rights and then taught to micro plan the utilisation of forest lands.


    Women and Tribal Empowerment

    JVPAS regards tribals and women as their special target group as they are the most disadvantaged sections of the society. We work throughout the Bilaspur and Korba districts of Chhattisgarh working on issues like tribal mainstreaming, domestic violence and gender exploitation.

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    Poor economic conditions, gender bias and other socio economic issues often force children to drop-out of schools. However, the situation aggravates in case of specially abled children who are often excluded on basis of physical and mental conditions. Despite Government attempts, the education system has often failed to offer justice to these students.